Homosexuality and the Church: A Brewing on Belief Conversation

Last night at Brewing on Belief, we tackled Homosexuality and the Church. We had a great turnout, in particular among first-timers drawn in due to the topic, and we had a frank open conversation about personal experiences of reactions to the presence of LGBT persons in a church community. I was struck when discussing personal experiences … Continue reading Homosexuality and the Church: A Brewing on Belief Conversation


Doubting Disciples

On Monday night at the Canterbury House, we tackled this week's Gospel lesson from John, affectionately known as the story of "Doubting Thomas"(John 20:19-29). We approached this story through the practice of Lectio Divina, and discovered new insights that we had previously not recognized or not considered. The first part that jumped out to me … Continue reading Doubting Disciples


At our weekly Brewing on Belief gathering, we like to discuss big topics that we truly can't establish a clean, clear answer as these topics have been analyzed and reanalyzed for centuries. One topic that is becoming a fashionable discussion piece again is the concept of Hell. Most notably with the recent release of Rob Bell's Love … Continue reading Hell