a refresh

by Nic

After spending the past year away from this blog(surprising a bit that it’s been that long, but not too surprising), I’ve decided to give the whole blog game one more go. I find blogs to be an interesting and also somewhat frustrating endeavor. What do I write about? Does it really matter since no one reads it? Why does no one read it? These are questions that anyone that has ventured down this road have asked themselves. And I have definitely vacillated on my answers to them, but mainly: Whatever I want (given the theme of course). No, but so what. Because people are too damn busy with the actually important things in their lives to bother reading something that I’ve done.

But, even with these answers, and even with the frustration I get when I see blogs extolling action being passed around facebook and then dropped like last season’s fashion when the next great article comes out the following week (or day), I think this can serve an important part of my call, as it creates an avenue to share what I am producing to a wider audience, and it keeps me honest to take a brief space and elaborate on an impulse or emotion that I am having, an extended form of my daily prayer practice in many ways.

I do not intend to make this a daily habit, but weekly would be great. I do not intend most posts to go beyond 500 words at the very most (except for sermons which I will publish here in addition to the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist website, sometimes with audio!). This minimal amount is intentional because honestly I think doing is much more important than writing about what you should be doing.

Like I said above, this is a final attempt. Maybe it will be fruitful. Maybe something I write will strike a nerve and go viral. Much more likely, I will muse on something I find interesting and maybe 10 people will read it, including my mother (hi mom!). But in the end, I hope that it, at the very least, gives me a space to write down some of the half-thought ideas bouncing around my head. Thanks for reading.