the end of times

This sermon was preached at St. John's Cathedral on November 27, 2016 The eschaton, the end of times, the second coming, apocalypse, is our theme as we enter into the season of Advent. And you might tempted to give fully into the passage, start charting number patterns and constellations to determine what day this last … Continue reading the end of times


a list of thanks

This sermon was offered on the occasion of Thanksgiving on November 23, 2016 at St. John's Cathedral. True bread. I am struck today by this concept of true bread. Bread that never goes bad. Bread that never leaves us wanting. Bread that is imminently present and available, if we simply seek it, ask for it, … Continue reading a list of thanks

an all saint’s sermon

This sermon was preached on Sunday November 6, 2016, All Saint's Day observed Link to the audio:  This past week over 500 ecumenical and interfaith clergy peoples (representing 10 Christian denominations, and a further 6 faith groups) arrived in North Dakota to stand with Standing Rock. Barely covered in the news, the people of the … Continue reading an all saint’s sermon