cry out!

A sermon for the Second Sunday of Advent, preached at the 10:30am service A messenger is crying out from the wilderness, a singular voice saying prepare. Prepare the way of the Lord. Make his paths straight. Lift the valleys and make low the mountains and hills. Make level the uneven ground, the rough places plain. … Continue reading cry out!


the least

A sermon for the Last Sunday after Pentecost, preached at all services Matthew 25:31-46 Righteous and accursed, sheep and goats, right hand and left hand, at the end of days, the end of this phase of creation, all that will be left will be to go before Jesus, sitting upon the throne of judgement, and … Continue reading the least

gone to the lake: finding God “near nature, near perfect”

Written for the July/August 2017 Cathedral Chimes Newsletter One of the most common expressions, Facebook posts, casual conversation starters in this region is the phrase “Gone to the lake.” We truly are blessed to be in such a space like the Inland Northwest, where mountains, forests, valleys, streams, rivers, and of course, lakes, dominate the … Continue reading gone to the lake: finding God “near nature, near perfect”